About Us

Since 1997 until Today

Our company is committed to achieve top quality results in the construction and furniture industry adopting a detailed approach in every project implementation and has delivered sustainable, acceptable and preferable results through our total quality management. We have diversified our customer profile by continued improvement in our product quality as we kept expanding our product range based on the demands of you, our customers. In time we have classified the products we manufacture, aiming to increase the sale of our expertise products to sustain and maintain our leadership in the sector.

As Vega Yapısal we primarily focused on wet area cabin systems and continued to manufacture fittings of our own design and update our product range based on the demands of our customers and considering the modern requirements. With the understanding of high quality and outstanding service, we have become the leader in the construction sector with our brand İDEAL which is recognized in the domestic market and which has opened and will continue to open the doors to outside world. Our expert volume that continued increased is the basic evidence of our brad’s power
Our Vision

To improve the standard of living and sustain the continuity of their happiness associated with our total quality approach and by positioning our business as one of the locomotive companies in the construction and furniture sector we operate.

Our Mission

To be a company where business process are continuously improved and which is recognized as one of the most reputable and reliable companies by our customers as well as by others engaging in commercial activities with our firm, with the involvement of “all individuals and prestigious customers within Vega Yapısal family” who are the main contributors to our success that have increased over the years.

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