Compact Laminate

What is Compact Laminate?

Compact laminate is a solid laminate building panel of homogeneous texture with decorative coating on every surface which can be manufactured in a size range of 1mm to 40mm. It is obtained by pressing the thermosetting resins and impregnated cellulosic fibers under high pressure. The distinctive feature of compact laminate is that it is made of laminate originally. 12 mm compact laminate is used generally.

Why is Compact Laminate Preferable?

Compact laminates are preferred because they come in decorative and varied patterns, they can be quickly produced and easily assembled, they have no connection to other construction elements, they are antibacterial and hygienic, above the ground, bacteria-free, maintenance-free; they require no other auxiliary building equipment as they are above all other accessories, they can be applied to all wet areas and adapt to any room; they can preserve their original state for many years without deformation; they are resistant against disinfectant chemicals with high acid content that are used in areas with dense crowd of people like shopping malls, hotels, schools, hospitals, etc.; they can be used in small spaces easily with their space-saving feature, they are more resistant against impact and scratches than other products, they are more resistant against water and moisture, they are more easy to clean as they are dirt-free, they are not affected by chemical impacts and air pollution, they are fire retardant and inflammable

Areas of Use for Compact Laminate

Compact Laminate is the most accurate material ever developed for cabins, countertop, folding screens, urinals, wc cabins, shower cabins, lockers, sitting benches, operating room coating, countertop, interior and exterior wall coating, and for planning of hospital and laboratory equipment.

Who Should Implement Compact Laminate Cubicle Systems?

Any corporation and construction company that attaches importance on modern, convenient, demountable, hygienic, durable toilet, shower, and locker cabins should implement Compact Cabins due to their popularity for their physical features and easy and high level applicability in spaces.

Due to its physical and technical features, Compact Laminate is the best construction element that eliminates hygiene issues in places with high circulation of people especially in areas such as schools, movie theaters, hospitals, gyms, shopping malls, factories, cultural centers, terminals, and business centers where public use areas are in the foreground.

Big Solutions in Small Spaces

In addition to many technical advantages, Compact Laminate eliminates the design problem particularly seen in small spaces and allows you to fit in more cubicles by saving space.
Cabin systems made of Compact Laminate are called cubicles because of familiarity in the market

Technical Advantages of Compact Cabins (Cubicles)

  • Cubicle systems made of Compact Laminate offer great convenience to engineers and architects as they are not involved in any other work during construcion
  • Manufacturing the WC cabins is quite fast which prevents disruption of the work of contractors..
  • Compact Laminate has a wide range of colors and patterns and offers special privilege to wet areas such as WC and shower, which makes it favorable for architects.
  • Architects and designers who get bored of standard cubicle applications also have the opportunity to make changes on compact laminates.
  • Most of all; cabins, folding screens, lockers, and counters produced with compact laminate can defy the years with their quality as well as their applicability to any space, wide range of colors and patterns, aesthetic structure, convenient use, hygienic and space-saving feature. [two_thirds]

Compact Laminate is produced with Advanced Technology

All materials produced with Compact Laminate are manufactured with high-tech machinery and offered to customers. Compact Laminate doorway size is between 50 to 80 in world standards. Cabin height is 183 cm due to standard panels and ground clearance is up to 195 cm including the leg.

What are the Prices for Compact Cabins (cubicles)?

The prices differ as cubicle systems do not have a standard. Therefore, there must be a draft project and a specification for an exact pricing. Manufacturing without project and specification may cause problems in product assembly and production stage. Even though locker prices have a standard, additional equipment demanded by the customer have an impact on the price. Disabled WC cabin standards should be taken into account as well for cubicle systems. Our laws prohibit disabled WC cabins that are not manufactured according to these standards.

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You can contact us from here to get detailed information about our Compact Cabin prices Actually offering services in the construction sector for years, İdeal Kabin works to increase the life quality of our valued customers and keep you happy. We guarantee to offer you durability and hygiene under the same roof with compact laminate systems produced according to today’s needs. For more information on compact laminate, you can easily reach us from our phone numbers in the “Contact” section!