Technical Information

WC Cabin Systems

Cabin heights are standard. Cabin height is 2,000-1,900mm with a panel height of 1,830 and leg height of 200-50mm.
The height cam be increased by using a 100mm short leg, where needed. Standard cabin width is 900mm with a minimum width of 800mm. Doors open inwards in normal applications while doors of disable WCs open outward. The cabin depth depends on the closet type used. The minimum depth must be 1,300mm. Standard depth is 1,500mm.
The gap tolerance on doors is 550-650mm, but it has to be min. 800mm for doors on disable toilets. Cabin sizes vary depending on the application area and taste.


The standard width is 350-400-450mm, while the width of double and triple lockers is 700-800-900mm and 1,050-1,200-1,350mm, respectively. The height is 1,980mm including the 150mm leg, and the depth is 520mm.

Urinal Screens

Urinal height is 1,350-1,370mm. The minimum depth must be 400mm. Urinal sizes vary depending on the application area and taste.

Counter Systems

Ground clearance of counters is 800mm. The minimum depth must be 600mm. Counter width and skirt sizes vary depending on the application area and taste.

What is compact laminate?

Compact Laminate is made from layers of Kraft paper impregnated with Phenolic resins and the outermost melamine resins compressed on decorative paper for 90 minutes at a temperature of 150 °C and under a 100 kg/cm² pressure.

Is compact laminate really hygienic?

The pressure and temperature the laminate is exposed to during manufacturing render bacteria growth impossible. Therefore, laminate is a hygienic product.

Is compact laminate flammable?

Laminate is not a flammable material. However, it may catch fire to a certain extent in case of direct exposure to flames. Even the burning laminate provides flame retardant characteristics and its fumes do not affect human health.

Application Areas

Compact laminate can be made with 2 to 40 mm panels and is mainly used on exteriors as well as in applications requiring the use of wet volumes, including cubicle WC cabins, shower cabins, bathroom counters, urinal screens, lockers, separators, sitting benches.

What are the features of compact laminate?

It is available in hundreds of colour options and many surface alternatives as a hygienic and safe product thanks to its nonporous structure. It is also a competitive product in price and quality compared to equivalent products.

Does compact laminate come with a painted or coated surface?

Both surfaces of compact laminates are structured with decorative paper, giving the colour and pattern of the panel, and a protective layer. This decorative surface and all layers forming the compact laminate are compressed together and no further treatment is applied after the panel is compressed.

Do all compact laminates have the same quality?

No, not all laminates are of same quality. Brands use different companies for Kraft and decorative paper supplies. However, the biggest factor affecting the quality is the resin and press equipment used. Although some compact laminates look same, their quality is proved in their cutting or when using in time.

How can I compare compact laminates and asses their quality?

Most compact laminates look exactly the same. Their quality is determined by the resins and press equipment used during manufacturing. As quality will show itself in time, quality certificates, test results, warranty certificates and references must be seen for the compact laminates considered for use.