Donnk WC Cabin

Donnk WC Cabin

With Donnk WC Cabin you will have a brand new place

Door & Division Panels

12 mm solid grade laminate (SGL) panels provide maximum protection against water and scratch.


Contemporary design manufactured from mat polished aluminium, slide latch with color indicator.


Self-closing hinges from mat polished aluminium, fixed with three locking screw.


Mat polished aluminium, floor mounted with screw connection and fixed to the panel with minimal panel overlap to front. Adjustable to accommodate uneven floor levels.

Header Profile & Fixings

40*40 mm,mat polished aluminium with oval leading edge. 18*25mm “U” profile is used on wall-cubicle and cubicle-cubicle intersection points. All fixings are stainless steel.

Edge treatment

Edges are machined to a black smooth finish with increased radiused corner safety details and visual effect to pilasters and doors.


Toilet cubicle overall height is 2020-2000mm including 150-100 mm under panel clearance.