What are the features of a useful and quality compact laminate cubicle ?

Wc compact laminate cubicle, aka, cubicle systems are used securely today in many malls, hospitals, schools and communal life areas. The easy cleaning feature of the compact laminate material and its hygienic using advantage provide you a high level comfort and an always clean environment. Therefore these material and cubicle systems are irreplaceable in the wc areas.

Compact laminate cubicle: Wc cabins for shower or toilet

Ideal Cabin, has been providing superior and high quality service on WC-shower cabin systems since 1997. Ideal Cabin which grows day by day with its researcher and detailed approac. Ideal Cabin, in the field of wc-shower cabin systems, produces wc-shower cubicles with Compact Laminate formed by combining kraft paper and special content resins at high pressures.

The advantages of the compact laminate cubicle: wc-shower cabins

These compact laminate cubicle system come to the forefront with its supported, functional, esthetic and durable features. It is preferred for public buildings, shopping malls, clinics, educational institutions and many other areas with its superior performance about hygiene and durability matters.

You can easily examine our most preferred cubicle systems in detail on our page with their practical usage in common areas, gaining space, ease of installation and water resistant structure. So you can see all our wc-shower cabin types on our web site in detail.

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Models of Ideal Cabin compact laminate cubicle

Ideal Cabin produces greatly useful wc compact laminate cubicles with very different designs and colors. Our models as follows:



Features of wc compact laminate cubicle

Ideal Cabin wc compact laminate cubicles have many using advantage.

1- It has a clean, compatible with environment and chic design.

2- Thanks to its support leg, self closing hinges will not be destroyed or unwind even after long time using periods.

3- Thanks to the durable structure and strong linkup of the cubicles, their impact resistance level is so high.

4- With its key button indicator, it shows the fullness status inside.

5- It has a easy setup and demounted feature.

Wc compact laminate cubicle prices

Wc cubicle prices may change as depend on the details of project and sizes. If you want to get detailed information, you can reach us from the contact section of our web site.